Privacy policy

Personal data in the Fixatio system

  • Employee of lessor: name and surname, email, telephone, photograph
  • Reporter: email, telephone

Personal data in the Fixatio system are processed for purposes of personal communication and offers linked to the Fixatio system.

The employee of lessor or reporter is not required to fill in any personal data.

The company Adaptine, s.r.o. does not process the data of employees of lessor and only provides the tools for their processing to the lessor; thus, the lessor is the controller of personal data.

Personal data of random users in the role of reporter (the email address with which the reporter can log into the profile) is processed by the company Adaptine, s.r.o. on the basis of consent to process personal data given in the Fixatio application.

The company Adaptine, s.r.o. does not process reporters’ personal data that are entered in connection to dealing with a specific request; it only provides the tools for their processing to the lessor; the controller is thus the lessor.

Personal data listed in the Fixatio system do not fall into special categories of personal data in the sense of Article 9 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

The company Adaptine, s.r.o. does not keep records of processing activities in the sense of Article 30 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679, as this requirement does not apply to it based on Point 5 of the same Article. The company Adaptine, s.r.o. has not named an appointee for the protection of personal data in the sense of section 4 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679, as this responsibility does not apply to it.

Authorized employees of the company Adaptine, s.r.o. have access to personal data in the Fixatio system in order to carry out administrative processes and improve the Fixatio system; authorized employees of the lessor have access to selected personal data relating exclusively to employees, partners, and reporters linked to the lessor.

In regard to the character of requests entered into Fixatio systems, the largest risk for the user is the leakage of passwords linked to email addresses or user names.


Technical and security solutions and measures

  • Passwords are saved via a cryptographic operation which at the given time is generally considered secure and does not allow for the transformation of the password in its original form.

  • In addition, a so-called application key and a “salt” are used in password encryption.

  • All communication between the application and smart phone or web browser and the Fixatio system’s servers is encrypted using SSL technology.

  • For the verification of users and devices logging into the Fixatio system, contemporary technologies are used to prevent easy acquisition of authentication data.

  • From its onset, the Fixatio system has been designed and developed with consideration to a necessary degree of security; the general principles of the creation of secure systems have been upheld during its development.

  • The core of the system is operated in a datacenter of the contractual service provider which is located in the EU, including data repositories and backups.